So I read this book…

I’ve read this book (since my undergraduate academic career has officially come to an end I have more time to do these things now). I was intrigued by the premise of it : female sociopath, not necessarily violent, manipulative, and of course suffering from a personality trait that is often misunderstood. I thought I would get an interesting portrait of an actual functioning sociopath, and a roadmap of sorts on how her mind works.

What I got instead, in my opinion, was a woman who thinks she a bit more clever than she actually is. The book becomes repetitive, and honestly a bit drab after a while. As she may genuinely be a sociopath she has a hard time connecting with readers, I am not sure who the actual intended audience is? When I began reading this I wasn’t inclined to believe that she was actually a sociopath, then after reading how she talks about herself, how she views the world and the convoluted (again, my opinion) language she uses I deduced that she may be an actual sociopath. She thinks highly of herself and after a while there frankly isn’t anything “charming” about her. 

I guess this is an unnecessarily long way to say that I had hoped this book would have been more interesting… it’s just not. I am a bit disappointed as this is a subject (SOCIOPATHY/PSYCHOPATHY) that is prevalent in much of my writing. So, I spend a lot of time attempting to understand it but, this book was not as insightful as I had hoped it would be. I don’t know if I would recommend it to anyone else frankly, it’s just … boring.